AI In Supply Chain Management | Poster-Making Assignment

Abstract: The research work revolves around representing the application of artificial intelligence in supply chain management at the international level. This research work has been developed to provide concepts of artificial intelligence and how it can be useful to improve supply chain management. In the application of artificial intelligence, how artificial intelligence is applied in […]
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SME’s Global Marketing Strategy – An Analysis and Evaluation | Global Economy

Introduction to a Global Economy An analysis and evaluation of an SME’s global marketing strategy 1. Introduction Globalization has reciprocally developed economies all over the world, breaking down the boundaries of financial and economic exchanges, and leading to the rise of a global finance syndicate. Globalization is now a domineering phenomenon driving corporations and their […]
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best coding languages - popular programming languages

Best Coding Languages to Learn in 2024 | Popular Programming Languages

Coding is the process of writing instructions for computers to understand using programming languages. These programming languages are specific languages that allow people to communicate with computers. Years ago, coding would have been a completely new term for everyone. But after years of development of cutting-edge technology, coding is no longer an allusive affair. According […]
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