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About us

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Assignment Helper is a leading and most trustworthy provider of assignments and homework help to students worldwide. Students who generally search for ‘Assignment Help, Assignment Helper, Do my Assignment, and, Write my Assignment’, end up landing on our page and we make sure that they are always satisfied with our 100% reliable and high-quality assignments.

Our online services are quite extensive and cover many types of assignments in different subjects that need to be done by students at different levels of education. Whether you are in school, college, or university, you can order an assignment from us. You can submit your request online or through WhatsApp and get assistance in the shortest time possible.
If you are looking for an urgent assignment help then we also help with it by providing great work in the quickest time.


The majority of the assignment requests that we get are for writing Essays, Reflection papers, MBA and Management assignments, Computer Science Assignments, Engineering assignments, Thesis, and Dissertation help. We provide assignment writing services to students from various disciplines and have helped thousands of students in securing high grades with our work.

Every assignment we work on is precisely created from scratch by strictly following the guidelines mentioned in the assignment requirement. This also eliminates any chances of plagiarism in the work we provide. We also establish direct communication between the students and the assignment expert so that they can easily pass important messages and updates to each other. We also pay special attention to never missing the deadlines which is why we have a very high number of repeat customers.

To help students with their assignments and online exams, Assignment Helper has a reputable and trustworthy team of more than 500 professors and assignment experts from top universities in the world. We take great satisfaction in saying that we are the best assignment help company online and our target is to help as many students as possible around the globe with our resources without compromising on the quality of work.

We make sure that the prices of the assignments remain affordable so that students can easily benefit from them without breaking their bank account. With our 24*7 customer service support, students can check the status of their order whenever they want and our team representative will always be there to help.

We strive to make every assignment with perfection and to help each student who comes to us for assignment help with honesty. With an impeccable track record of providing high-quality assignment help for years, you can never go wrong with us. Get a free quote from us on your assignment and you’ll see just how affordable it can be to hire an expert to write your assignment!

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