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Reflection Paper Example - Understanding reflective essay using a sample

A reflection paper is an introspective piece of writing that shares your thoughts, opinions, and/or reactions to an experience or topic. It is also called a reflective essay as it is written in the form of an essay. In a reflection report/essay, you will analyze and reflect upon how a book, experience, or academic lecture shaped your thoughts and opinions on a subject.

Given below is a sample reflection paper that we created long ago for a student studying MSc in International Business and Management. Reading the sample will help you understand how to write a reflection paper and also understand the structure of the essay.


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Reflection Paper Example 


Question: Write a reflection report on your personal experience with the internship that you just completed as part of the syllabus of your course in no more than 500 words (+-10%). Use at least one citation using APA/Harvard style referencing. 


Reflection Report –

The following is the reflection of my personal experience, knowledge gained, and learning outcomes that I had to date from the internship that I am having with Amsys Technologies, London, as a Marketing Consultant.

I always had an interest in Branding and Marketing and this was the major reason that I opted for an MSc in International Business and Management. As part of our curriculum, when I got the opportunity to work in some organization as an intern, Marketing positions were my first preference. Thankfully I got a position in my company and the experience that I have till now is exceptionally good.

Amsys Technologies deals with various types of online services, however, the majority of their clients (both domestic and international) come for web designing, web development, or digital marketing.

My major role at the company is to do the marketing comparison and research between various companies and note down their strengths and weaknesses, and scope of improvements, so that we can improve on our services.

In the initial days of my internship, after a few days of basic training, the variables for the benchmarking like – the year of establishment, clients, the area covered, products, sales, social media coverage, etc. used to be given by my seniors and my job was to the market research and fill out the variables for various companies.

Later on, this responsibility was further increased as my seniors said that I had to figure out the variables for the market research and benchmarking. This was challenging to me and I was also a little afraid at first, but I took responsibility and tried my best. The first individual assignment was for a mobile application company where I had to with a couple of minor mistakes, in the beginning, but now I feel glad that I took this as a challenge. The feedback from the seniors and clients was very good and encouraging.

We also provide consultancy to our clients based on market comparison, benchmarking, competitive strength, etc. The courses that I learned in my MBA course helped me immensely in all this. For example, I learned how to do a SWOT Analysis (Sarsby, 2016) during my first year, and now for every client’s company do this before providing any marketing plan or strategy. This practical knowledge helps in improving corporate knowledge, however, sometimes finding data for these SMEs is very difficult. I identify this as a major challenge in my work.

Because of the pandemic, we all are working from home which has its challenges. I felt that the role of clear communication is very important in any organization and it becomes even more important when you’re not seeing the next person. As part of the work, many times we have to directly reach out to clients via phone calls or emails.

One of my intern colleagues faced the problem of the communication barrier, as she sent a few requirements in an email to the client, and they felt that it was a ‘bit rude’.

Her intention was never to disrespect them but she wasn’t very proficient in writing professional emails which caused this problem. Though I am good in both oral and written communication, still I learned from her mistake and felt like improving it further. Our seniors at the organization also encouraged us for it. I referred to (Bovée, 2008) to improve my business communication skills, and was helpful.

The major strength of the organization I am working in is communication. The seniors are very easily approachable and they are very friendly. The experience, learning, and feedback, that I have received are very positive and I am confident that it will help in my future endeavors as a marketing consultant.



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